Saturday, August 21, 2010

14th August!

14th August, scout activity on every Saturday as usual :)
Today we're gotta train them for tongkat and flag :)
not much special things happened, enjoy the pictures!

our AGL, HongJun was teaching :)

the juniors :D form 1 side

while demo-ing :)

and now, junior's turn :)

On the other side, form 2 were busy training for tongkat :)

looks so cool huh? :)

peace :D

The End.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

31 July, Monkey Hill!

First of all, SORRY for abandoned my scout blog for a long time ._.
I promise I'll try to update all by this week!
So, stay tuned :)

Okay. Now I'm gonna blog about today's activity
Guess what? We went up to Monkey Hill today! :D

maid for today :D

Before that, some of them went to pasar & buy foods for cooking :)

On the way :)

okay, it's freaking tired to climb up to the hill ._.


the AJKs :)

starting up fire

the cute & pro QM :D

all busy preparing for backwood :)

the ex-seniors :D


both of them so perasan ;p

End with a picha of a sapoh, JinYin xD

Okay, WAIT!
Please leave me your comments about the scout blog :)
MUST :D Thankyouuuuuu!

PS// Anyone wanna see more photos or buy it, come and see me the next activity :)

By, YuhJiun :)